Don't Trash That Laptop!

Computer and electronic gadgets contain poisons that should never go into the garbage and end up in a landfill. The heavy metals and other toxins in the circuit boards will end up in groundwater and will poison the planet.

Act responsibly. Re-use, restore, salvage, reclaim, re-cycle and dispose safely.

  • Functional equipment can be sold or gifted
  • Non-functional equipment can be repaired or salvaged for parts.
  • The useless residue must be disposed of by environmental professionals.

Louisville, Kentucky is environmentally progressive with its Electronics Recycling program in partnership with Creative Recycling, certified by e-Stewards.

Louisville's Electronics Recycling program is located near downtown.

Louisville Waste Reduction Center
636 Meriwether Avenue

Please let me help you to properly dispose of your unwanted computers and electronics.