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  1. In August, 2006, I didn't know beans about blogs, so I created this blog on Blogger.com and another on Wordpress.com on the same day - August 29, 2006 - for the purpose of comparing the two. There was much to like about each system, but mainly due to the support Wordpress provided for trackback, I used it more and neglected this particular blog. I have, however, created about a dozen different Blogger blogs for various purposed that I use more frequently. At that time, in August 2006, I had just managed to get a tentative grip on the use of cascading style sheets (CSS), and that was the topic of my very first Wordpress blog post: The Zen of cascading style sheets - CSS
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People and pigs - Kentucky State Fair

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The total sensual impact of walking into the State Fair hog barn on a hot August day cannot be described. It is not the least bit offensive, but it is overwhelmingly earthy and powerful. I walked ten paces into the barn and had to stop. I was surrounded by hundreds of huge pigs everywhere. This panorama photo is the best I can do to share the experience.


Just the facts, ma'm

Since I've become seriously interested in the on-going Presidential nominating campaigns, after the first of the year, I have become increasingly disturbed by much of the unwarranted negative spin that the establishment press and other Democrat candidates have thrown at Senator Barack Obama. I undertook to research many of the issues and allegations that I have encountered in the last few weeks, mainly for the purpose of satisfying my own curiosity. The more I researched, the more convinced I became that Senator Obama has been unfairly treated. Much of this has been in the form of gross distortions and outright lies. Having undertaken the research, it seemed only natural that I share the results of that research with a wider audience. Therefore, I have created a Squidoo lens titled, Truth about Barack Obama. I hope it is of benefit and interest to you.


Wow! That is a lot of money.

I just read that the Obama campaign raised 32 million dollars, with 170,000 new contributors, just in the month of January, 2008. Obama raises $32 million in January